YBS TESOL Program Included

Profiling Learners:

·         Understanding learners purpose and goal.

·         Motivations and expectations.

·         Analysing learners needs.

·         Learners psychology.

·         Determining learners level.


Profiling Language:

·         Different EFL proficiency levels.

·         Understanding TEFL resources and materials.

·         Logical language teaching order.


Lesson Planning:

·         Setting appropriate aim and sub aims.

·         How to present receptive skills

·         How to present productive skills

·         How to teach vocabulary

·         How to teach Grammar

·         Lesson planning and design

·         Adapting materials (activities and resources).

·         Creating teaching materials.


Classroom management:

·         Whiteboard use.

·         Setting instructions and ICQs.

·         Seating arrangements.

·         Grading language.

·         Managing teacher talking time.

·         Time management.

·         Feedback and error correction.

·         Differentiating interaction patterns.

·         Thinking on your feet.

·         Problem solving.

·         Teaching different levels.

·         Testing and Assessing Learning


CPD (online workshops):

·         Teaching online.

·         Writing a professional CV

·         Conducting an interview